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Grouping layers

Grouping layers in ImageReady simplifies working with and organizing multiple layers. Layer groups are similar to layer sets but allow for different kinds of quick manipulation. Layer groups let you move, drag, resize and physically manipulate multiple layers as one. This is very useful if you have, for example, a tab that consists of multiple layers. Rather than carefully selecting each layer associated with the tab every time you want to move it, you can group all the layers of your tab and move it as a single object.

When you create a layer group, the layers included in the group appear in the Layer palette indented under a heading of Group #, where "#" is the number of the group. With the Layer Select tool, you can click any layer in the group to move the entire group.
Layers in an ImageReady layer group can be selected and manipulated as a single object.
To group layers:
  1. Select multiple layers in the layers palette.
  1. Do one of the following:
·         Choose Layer > Group Layers (or use Ctrl + G (Windows) or Command + G (Mac OS) to group.
·         Alt-drag (Windows) or Option-drag (Mac OS) layers to the folder icon at the bottom of the layers palette to group the layers.
                        To Ungroup the layers, choose Layer > Ungroup Layers (or use Ctrl + Shift + G (Windows) or Command + Shift + G (Mac OS) to Ungroup.
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